BodyGlide, which I’ve mentioned before, is an anti-chafing balm. I find that it works wonders on my feet, especially in the heat. I rub it quite liberally on the areas of my feet that are blister prone and pop on my shoes as usual. It doesn’t feel sticky at all. In fact, I can barely feel the balm on my skin. If necessary, I reapply after four or five hours of walking. Warning: do not apply to the underside of your feet because that makes them feel slippery, as I found out the hard way.  

I rub BodyGlide on my toes when wearing shoes sans socks. And when I wear ankle strap pumps for an 8 hour plus shopping day, I rub BodyGlide onto my ankles, right underneath the strap and on the back of my heel. 

You can also use BodyGlide when you’re wearing footies, hosiery and socks. I used it when wearing booties with socks and knee-highs when we walked up a storm during our recent trip to Boston. It worked like a charm.

If you commute on foot, spend a lot of time on your feet, or are planning a Summer holiday which involves lots of walking, give BodyGlide a go. It will make already comfortable footwear even more comfortable.