Our underwear and sleepwear are for the most part hidden from the world, yet we dedicate a portion of our budget to them. In some cases we spend a lot of money on them because underwear, and bras especially, can be pricey. Purchase five expensive bras for daily use and a dozen knickers to wear with them and it’s quite the expense. And I haven’t included speciality bras, camisoles, shapewear or thermals. Furthermore, underwear requires regular replenishment. 

Sleepwear can be less demanding on our wardrobe budget because we get away with wearing just about anything that tickles our fancy. Old tees, leggings, pajamas and nighties that you’ve had for years, slips, retired loungewear, or nothing at all. Sleepwear also tends to last longer because it doesn’t go through daily wear and tear like undies do. So that’s a saving right there. 

Loungewear and socks are a little more visible to the public, but still quite hidden. Of course, some socks are meant for intentional fashion exposure, and those are a different animal. I’m talking about socks that make zero fashion impact. Some people, like me, wear socks frequently and wear them out quickly. So replenishing them regularly is important. Loungewear includes robes, sweats, tees, tanks, shorts, drawstring pants, dresses, leggings and skirts that you wear around the house. They might be items you’ve demoted to “wear at home only”, or items you’ve bought for the sole purpose of wearing at home.

I’ve found similarities among my clients’ purchasing strategies for the hidden aspects of their style. Almost everyone is prepared to spend what it takes on a set of comfortable, fabulous bras, and replenish them as they wear out. Most are prepared to spend money on speciality bras, thermals and shapewear as the need arises. Knickers and socks are often a very small component of the budget. Sleepwear usually receives annual attention. Loungewear typically receives the smallest portion of the wardrobe budget, because clients would rather demote older clothes to loungewear than spend money on that aspect of their style. 

Personally, I love gorgeous underwear, and am happy to spend what it takes to feel fab in my undies. If my budget were limitless and my size and fit easier to find, I’d spend even more on bras and knickers. Wearing matching sets makes a difference to how I feel in my outfit, adding an extra bit of polish that makes me happy. So although few people see my underwear — I see it — and it’s important to me that it’s as pretty as it is comfy. 

On the other hand, I spend next to nothing on sleepwear. I purchase inexpensive, ultra soft tees every few years and wear them with boy shorts. I can’t be more covered than that when I sleep because I find it uncomfortable. My loungewear gets annual attention, and does double duty as my robe. I happily spend on that capsule each year because I want to feel good in my sweats, which I wear daily, before my shower in the morning and before going to bed at night. And last, I have deliberately boring sock style and replenish with fairly inexpensive socks a few times a year. I have a hard time paying for expensive socks. 

Over to you. How do you feel about spending money on the hidden aspects of your style? Are you prepared to fork out a good amount of money on underwear and sleepwear, or do you prefer to keep it to a minimum? Do you try to keep the costs down on socks and loungewear too?