December is an excellent time to think about refreshing your lounging style. These items are great to buy on sale both before and after the holidays, and they make practical gifts. 

I don’t actually lounge in loungewear. I wear casual clothes like jeans or stretchy cigarette pants with a pullover or shirt and slippers when I’m relaxing at home. I never wear sweats, yoga wear or pajamas when I’m at home during the day. Not even when I’m under the weather. I do wear my sweats every single day, but more as a robe than loungewear. They do not leave the house unless I’m travelling.

When I wake up in the morning I pop my sweats over my pajamas (T-shirt and boy shorts). I make myself a much needed hot drink and attend to a few work related matters at my desk before I shower and get ready for the day. My sweats go back on at night when I’m winding down after my second shower of the day. I end up wearing my sweats for a good few hours a day, so feeling fab in them is important to me. 

I’ve been devoted to American Eagle’s hoodies and sweat pants for eight years and replenish them annually. I love their soft roomy fits and happy colours. They also launder well and keep me warm. This year I bought the same style of hoodie across two colours, pink and yellow, but wanted to try something different for the bottoms. So I bought Zella’s Barely Flare Studio Pants in purple to match the pink hoodie, and PJ Salvage’s Plush Fleece Pants in the navy and white polka dot to match the yellow hoodie. Not very chic and sophisticated for a 43 year old, but there you have it. Wearing teenybopper sweats each day is my dirty little secret. And as long as they suit my needs and make me smile, I will wear them.

Zella Barely Flare Studio PantsAE Real Soft Winter Break Fleece

PJ Salvage Plush Fleece PantsAE Real Soft Winter Break Fleece

My clients have been having great luck with lounge and pajama pants this season. These styles have been favourites: 

Zella Beyond Soul PantsZella Soul 2 Pants

PJ Salvage Print Thermal Pajama Pantsshimera Pattern Lounge Pants

Loungewear and pajama needs vary a lot. Some people like these items super soft, warm and very roomy, similar to the pieces that I purchased. Others prefer the snug, stretchy and streamlined version of yoga pants and a fitted zip top. And others like the combination of leggings and an oversized cozy top. 

Over to you. What’s your lounging style and when do you wear lounge clothes? Also, I’d love to hear your recommendations for great loungewear.