This week’s roundup is about socks and hosiery, which deserve as much attention as more expensive and more visible wardrobe items. Most of these specific items have been available for years, so you can replenish your favourites each season. 


Nordstrom Perfect Plaid TightsNordstrom Scroll Floral TightsPretty Polly Glitzy Embellished Tights


  • Nordstrom Sheer Dotted Trouser Socks: These are my favourite trouser socks because the Swiss dot is dainty, and they seem to last a long time. I wear the black and nude with trousers and pumps or shooties, but not with boots. I prefer to wear thicker socks with boots. 
  • Nordstrom Diamond Compression Trouser Socks: These are amazing because they don’t fall down. A very snug fit that might feel too snug if you prefer a relaxed sock. I wear these with boots and booties because they’re sufficiently thick. I do not wear them with pumps and trousers because the visual effect is not as pretty when you sit down. I prefer the look of sheer hosiery when exposing a little trouser sock with bootcut trousers as you stride and cross your legs. Available in four colours. 
  • Nordstrom Knee High Socks: I wear these all Winter long because they are super soft, not too thick, warm, and for the most part stay up during the day. 
  • Nordstrom Solid Crew Socks: These are the shorter version of the knee-high length. 
  • Smart Wool Cable Socks: Many clients rave about these socks, and so do the reviewers. They are thick, very warm, and last. Alas, they slide off my feet. And you want to scream when socks bunch in your shoes it’s that annoying. I also found the cabled texture uncomfortable. Clearly, I am in the minority. 
  • Kate Spade New York Large Bow Knee Socks: I don’t wear patterned socks, but these have changed my mind. Cotton-rich and graphic. 

I’ve tried Hue socks, but they don’t stay on my feet. The roll tops fall down my ankles and stretch out even further after multiple washing cycles. That said, some of my clients swear by them so by all means take a peek.