My sock style is basic and boring, which is just how I like it. I wear solid black or charcoal socks. Not too thin or too thick. Super soft, non-itchy, and often knee-length during the Winter months. They are either made of a merino wool-nylon-spandex blend for extra warmth, or of a micromodal-nylon-spandex blend for milder weather. They must fit snugly around the leg and foot so that they don’t fall down or bunch up. I see red when my socks fall down or slide off my feet while I’m walking, it’s that annoying to me. So a snug fit is crucial to ensure sock happiness. 

I am hard on my socks and replace them quite frequently because they get worn on the toes within months. I think that’s because I apply lots of pressure in that area when I walk at a fast place. I also wear socks most of the year so I’m often purchasing a few pairs here and there just to keep a constant flow of decent looking socks in my wardrobe. I’m most embarrassed when I remove my shoes at a friend’s house and my socks look worn. 

Please share your sock recommendations in the comments section. I’m always in search of the “perfect socks” and would love to know which sock styles keep your feet happy. Also, are you hard on your socks like I am?


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