I was at the Gap earlier this week when some khakis on a mannequin caught my eye. I loved the way they fitted lower on the hip, dropping the crotch point for a slouchy effect. I loved the shorter length that was created by scrunching up and folding the hems to just below the calf — a refreshing change to the cropped ankle length pant mania that is everywhere. I loved the baggy fit on the legs. I’m not a fan of classic khaki pants, or even the colour khaki, but would wear khakis that fit like this in a heartbeat. 

Upon closer inspection I saw that these pants were the Broken-in Straight Khakis that had been sized up one size to create the loose fit. The legs were pulled up and the hems folded over a couple of times to hold the scrunch in place. The fit on the bottom is baggy, so you have to be at peace with that part of the deal. The pants are also available in peach, olive and navy, across petite, regular and tall sizes. Personally, I wish they were available in white. Perhaps they will be in a couple of months. 

I grabbed a size up and attempted to create the same look in the fitting room. It was surprisingly easy. I didn’t expect the scrunch to stay up because I don’t have shapely calves to hold the hems in place, but rolling them up a few times solved that problem. I need to road test the look to be sure though, because they might fall down as I stride.

I like the Converse styled with these khakis. A pair of fashionable high-tops could be fun too. The striped sweater is an easy classic, but not your only option. Think breezy blouses, high-low tops and cardigans, big tees, boyfriend shirts, lace, blazers, military jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets, sassy sweatshirts and utility jackets. Wear the tops tucked with a belt, or untucked as shown here. Lots of fun juxtapositions. This is a refreshing take on khakis to my eye, and I see lots of possibilities for alternative footwear and tops. What do you think of the look?