Over the years I have come across many products that add an element of convenience, practicality, or just plain fun to our pursuit of personal style. Here are twelve such products, each of them road-tested by myself or my clients. 

  1. Tele Bag: This bag with built-in screen is great for Mums on the go. Keep the kids amused while you’re in the dressing room trying on clothes. It’s a practical size to hang off the handles of a stroller, plus it doubles up as a fashionable diaper bag. 
  2. Picnic Pants: Slouchy harem pants are trendy, forgiving and comfortable. And here’s a practical twist on the trend. I recommended these picnic pants to a client last week because they’re denim and therefore a little more structured than jersey knit styles. The colour blocked effect is particularly fun. She loves their weight and length, and the fact she can sit down cross-legged at the park with her kids and have a snack or play cards on the built-in tray. She is duplicating the style for Summer. 
  3. Sushi Slippers: One of my clients tried these on when we were shopping recently, just for fun. She fully expected them to be hard to walk in and look ridiculous. Actually, they’re really comfortable and look super cute. A stylish option for your feet when you’re hosting a dinner party and have a no-shoes policy at home. Read the rave reviews. 
  4. Team Jacob Hat: Wrap up with this cozy and cuddly canine for the next polar vortex. Runs small.
  5. Auto Falsies: Our cars are as much part of our style as clothes, footwear and accessories, which is why they deserve a little extra polish. I found these car lashes a fun way to give my own VW Golf a style refresher this Spring. They run true to size and are easy to launder. Weatherproof. 
  6. Lazy Lounging Specs: If you wear specs daily, they need to be the very best that you can afford because they are your most important accessory. You might also want more than one pair. I find these innovative frames incredibly practical for nighttime reading. It doesn’t hurt that the style quotient is high: geometric, refined and comfortable. 
  7. Sock Sandals: Although Birkenstocks are all the rage this season, they don’t work for my fussy feet. My arches don’t fancy accentuated arch support, plus Birkies run too wide for my low volume feet. But I found a way to wear the trend when Inge sent me a link to these sock sandals. They look great with white boyfriend jeans, a black top, and brown belt. Thank you Inge, and cheers to happy feet. 
  8. Handerpants: Fingerless gloves keep your hands toasty as you browse your phone or computer. They also provide textural interest to your outfit. These particular examples are excellent when layered under regular gloves, or to use at the gym when lifting weights. They run large, so do not purchase these if you have low volume hands. 
  9. Brain Food: Forget the pretty Easter bonnet and sport an edgy food hat or fascinator instead. Chic, modern and maximal. Look through all the colour options. I vote fried egg sunny side up, or berry pie
  10. Plow Shoes: Footwear with detachable components are a fringe trend for Fall. These examples are a great, practical way to wear pumps in the snow. 
  11. Brekkie Neckie: I recently wrote about dainty jewellery making a comeback, but here’s another great trend: jewellery that looks and smells like food. The scents are more office-friendly than overpowering perfume smells, and the pieces are one way to add a whimsical touch to your style. 
  12. Poopin’ with Pinterest: Perhaps the best productivity tip all year was this one I received from a client. We often talk about style “on the go”, but never “while we go”. For the latter there’s this iPad stand with integrated toilet roll holder. And if you want to give your little ones good poopin’ productivity habits from an early age, consider this iPotty with Activity Seat

Please tell us in the comments about any items you think we should add to this list. And remember, practicality and fun are always in style.

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