For several years dainty pieces have taken a back seat to chunky jewellery that makes a bold visual statement. About six years ago, and with the exception of stud earrings, dainty jewellery was considered a little dated, almost frumpy, and not at all fashionable. 

Well, that has changed. In the last couple of years dainty jewellery has made a fashionable comeback. It’s especially current when paired with trendier pieces, creating an interesting juxtaposition. Layering a few dainty jewellery items around your neck, your wrists, or on your fingers is popular too. 

I like dainty jewellery, but only when it’s worn on bare skin. I do not like the look of dainty necklaces and bracelets layered over clothing, because to my eye, that still looks frumpy. But looks can be frumpy right up until they become fashionable, so perhaps I’ll be eating my words over the next year or two. 

I’m seeing dainty jewellery — both fine and costume — become more popular with my clients as an alternative to chunkier items. Many sport both chunky and dainty jewellery daily, depending on their mood and outfit. Dainty jewellery is definitely more subtle and comfortable to wear. In fact, you forget that you’re wearing it because it’s extra lightweight. In some ways dainty jewellery is also more casual, despite being expensive. Chunky jewellery tends to make you look and feel more dressed up, whereas dainty jewellery is a little more versatile.  

Apart from my wedding ring, I made a conscious decision not to wear jewellery three years ago as a style statement in itself. I haven’t worn earrings for 18 years, and my multiple pearl necklaces simply decorate my closet. I love looking at them, but I don’t wear them. My specs and watch are my daily jewellery, but once a year, I’ll wear one of my late Mum’s jewellery pieces, which are chunky and not dainty. 

What are your thoughts on dainty jewellery? Do you wear it? Or do you prefer to wear chunky pieces that make a bolder statement.

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