I’m uncomfortably cold wearing skirts and dresses no matter how I wrap up and layer with hosiery and boots, so I almost exclusively wear jeans and trousers during Winter and some of Spring. I am changing things up though. After favouring trousers for years, I’ve fallen back in love with jeans and am currently wearing faded blue and white relaxed denim silhouettes more than ever. 

This outfit showcases my two favourite pairs of jeans, Beatle booties that have been wardrobe workhorses, a window pane turtleneck that was a gift from dear friend Inge, and a brand new blush satchel and white moto jacket. I recently wore both versions of the outfit when it was mild enough to leave off a coat. 


I’ve set aside conventional figure flattery guidelines to some extent, because this outfit lengthens my torso and shortens my leg line. The turtleneck is untucked, the booties are flat, and both turtleneck and boots are high contrast against the jeans. A more conventionally flattering look might lower the contrast to remove cutting horizontal lines, and shorten the torso by substituting a partially tucked crew neck, and add heels to further elongate the leg line. But I like the look of a long torso, so I’m wearing the proportions that look “just flattering enough” to my eye. One component of the outfit that does lengthen the leg line a little is the pointy toe of the bootie.


Jacket Close

I’m wearing new-ish Adriano Goldschmied’s Nikki Relaxed Skinny Jeans in one version of this outfit, and my notorious four year old jodhpur jeans in the other. Both silhouettes are roomier on the thighs than tight skinnies, something I prefer these days. But neither denim silhouette is as baggy as my boyfriend jeans, which require a belt to prevent them from falling off. The in-between option that is neither tailored nor overly slouchy is a great compromise. 



Turtlenecks are my favourite neckline, and I love graphic designs like window pane patterns. Throw in that it’s white, and we have a winner, so clever Inge for selecting this Karen Millen pullover. The fit is on the fluid side of tailored, although the sleeves are form fitting. The shoulder detail appeals to my ‘80s style gene. I like the turtleneck best untucked over a pair of roomy or straight leg jeans. 


Jumper Wide

The white Faith jacket from Club Monaco is new. I couldn’t be more thrilled with it because it’s not leather. The body is cotton twill while the sleeves are PU (faux leather). It’s fully lined, and tailored and fluid in all the right places. It’s the double side-buckle trim at the hem that did it for me — another styling detail that reminds me of the good old ‘80s and Duran Duran. 

Jumper Close

Jumper Full

I frequently drape my jackets and coats over my shoulders instead of putting them on. I saw my late Mum do it when I was little, and have done the same for twenty years. It comes in handy to drape a topper when I’m working in stores and a little too warm to wear it properly, but need my hands free. 


I finished off the white and blue outfit with colour. Apple green specs, which I have worn daily since I got them because they make me so, so happy. A little watermelon lippie to bring out the green of the specs. And a blush bag to  keep the palette soft, fresh and on trend. No jewellery required other than my watch and wedding ring. 



I love wearing white throughout the year because it’s light, bright, pretty and fresh. It’s not the most practical choice of colour while out and about in a dirty city, but I’m not too concerned with that. Life is too short to worry about making practical outfit choices all the time.