Play around with this formula if you have a sparkly tank top or vest. It needn’t be sequined, beaded or sleeveless, although the sleeveless option is easier to layer over shirts and blouses. You’re after a top with a bit of shine and texture to be the star of the outfit. 

I’ve used neutrals to emphasize the texture-rich integrity of the pieces, but any colour palette will work. I’ve used trousers and jeans as the bottoms, but skirts are another option. 

Here are the components: 

Sparkly Tank: A sequined tank is a no-brainer, but any shimmery tank can work. A lace or beaded tank is a more subtle option. Layer it over tops or under jackets. Layer the tank under a cardigan for an extra casual effect. 

Under Layering Piece: Button-down shirts and soft blouses work best as under layers for the tank. Choose white, denim or another solid colour. Or be a devil and throw in a pattern like gingham, tartan, polka dots or stripes. If mixing patterns with sparkle is “too much going on” for your tastes, keep the palette tonal and monochromatic to offset the hectic-ness of the combination. Leave the tops untucked. 

Layering a sparkly tank over a solid or patterned long sleeved T-shirt is another option as long as the necklines work in harmony. 

Jacket: You don’t need to wear both an under layering piece and a jacket with the sparkly tank. Simply wear the tank alone as a layering piece under a blazer, moto, Chanel-esque jacket, or tuxedo jacket. Any style of jacket at all really. But if you do like to layer, wear the jacket over the combination of under layering piece and sparkly tank. 

Bottoms: Dressy trousers and jeans in flared or tapered styles are easy pairings. I’ve chosen black trousers and blue jeans because they are popular wardrobe items. But grey, white, black, cobalt or burgundy jeans are great alternatives, as are checked or charcoal trousers. For the fashion forward dresser, upscale knitted track pants, silky track pants or leather track pants are a fun juxtaposition with the formal sparkle. 

Pencil skirts and full skirts make equally great bottom options when matched with the layering piece under the sparkly tank. But wearing a pencil skirt with a tuxedo jacket layered over the tank alone is a less playful outfit. Not necessarily a bad thing, just something to think about if you want to keep the outfit relaxed. 

Footwear: Knee-highs with dressy footwear like pumps and high vamped shooties are a good combination.  Dressy booties work particularly well with jeans. Dressy flats are great with tapered jeans and trousers. I vote pointy toe pumps with the upscale track pants to ensure an intentional fashion forward look.  

Accessories: An oversized clutch is my top choice, but a chain handle bag, wristlet or short handle satchel will work well too. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.  Layered Sparkly Tank

Wear this ensemble to work, or out to lunch, brunch, dinner, or a casual holiday event. Daytime sparkle is as mainstream as ever, so don’t think twice about popping on a shimmery piece at any time of day. Wear it with jeans to tone down its formal effect.