The Guardian’s Hadley Freeman decided to do some research on how to properly apply lipstick and developed a slight obsession with beauty videos in the process. This is what she’s learnt from all those online makeup tutorials.

If you need more pointers on how to make your lipstick stick, then Into The Gloss has you covered. Want a more subtle lipstick look? The Facegoop gals try out several nude and sheer lippies and report their findings in their usual hilarious manner.

Makeup maven Gabrielle Korn goes bare-faced for one week and shares her detox experiences with us over at Refinery29.

Fab Links from Our Members

Caro found this article that explores the link between androgyny and creativity an incredibly interesting read.

CNBC reports that the growing wealth gap is changing retail, and is leading to large price differences for basic clothing items, something Laurinda can confirm after her own experiences with shopping for white tees.

Rebekahphoto came across the Mimi Foundation’s “if only for a second” project, that uses photography and style to infuse a little joy into the lives of cancer patients.

Angie recommends checking out this post on Already Pretty. Sally encourages us to change our body image monologue because re-routing that negativity works wonders for our self-confidence.

Krishnidoux would like to share this fun video that takes us through 100 years of fashion in 100 seconds.

This Dear Prudence video about whether it’s okay to have one’s bra straps showing at the office had MaryK in stitches.¬†