This is one of my favourite ways to wear dressy bootcut trousers at the moment. Not with a blouse, shirt, or knitted top, but with a luxurious fluid pullover, or upscale sweatshirt. Something about the combination feels more modern and current. Wear the top untucked, or semi and faux tucked, with or without a belt. Add pretty shoes, a trench or wool coat, and you’re sorted. Easy, relaxed, polished and very comfortable. I’m even loving leaving off the jacket, which is unusual for me because I love jackets. But when it’s colder, I will add in the jacket as a layer under my coat. 

There are two ways to approach the top part of the outfit formula: 

  1. Wear a pullover with sparkle or embellishment which creates enough visual interest to leave off the belt and eye-catching shoes. In some instances a patterned pullover or upscale sweatshirt will work as well.  
  2. Wear a solid pullover, but add in a belt and statement shoes to compensate for the lack of jewellery and embellishment. 

Choose any colour palette. I’ve chosen black and grey bottoms because they are mainstream. I’m inspired by the colours of Spring 2014 on the runways of fashion week, so I’ve added blush, citron, gold and black into the mix.

Here are the components:

  • Bootcut Trousers: Fabulous fit is key. You’re after great drape and long pant lengths in a wool or wool blend. Neutrals like black, grey, taupe, navy, brown or a pinstripe are versatile. Throw in a pair of bootcut tuxedo trousers too. 
  • Pullover: You can go the embellished, patterned and bling-y route. Or the solid and plainer route by adding in the bells and whistles with statement shoes and belt. Choose luxe fabrications and a slightly roomy fit with a neckline of your choice. A welt on the hem creates structure so I’m all for that when matching this style of pullover with fluid bootcuts. High-low hemlines are another option. Leave the top untucked, or casually tucked. Scrunch the sleeves for structure. 
  • Shoes: I vote pointy or almond toe heeled booties or pumps because pointy toes are a perfect match for wider hems. But round toes will also work, so don’t worry if you can’t wear or don’t like pointy toe footwear. I like to add an eye-catching shoe to the version with the solid plain pullover because it makes the outfit pop. I’d also add a belt to faux tuck the pullover, but that’s not essential. 
  • Topper: Choose a trench coat, wool coat, or a dressy leather jacket if you need an extra layer. 
  • Accessories: A structured bag adds a dressy touch to the outfit. An angular clutch will do the trick too. Incorporate jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Bootcut Trousers and Fluid Knitwear

It’s a simple outfit where the individual pieces need to be strong and hold their own because you aren’t masking any imperfections with extra layers and scarves. 

Here’s a street style example of the formula in action. Lots of fabulous swagger and movement in that outfit. It’s one way to wear a more casual business casual outfit, or simply at times when you don’t want to dress up jeans.