Forum member Vildy recently mentioned that she likes clothing pieces that capture “fluidity without excess volume”. That’s what she liked about the fit of my long cobalt shorts. I used the word drapey to describe the shorts. But I much prefer Vildy’s use of the word fluid, and will be using it from now on to describe clothing items that are looser than a tailored fit and quite roomy. But they aren’t roomy and baggy enough to be described as intentionally oversized and slouchy. It’s what I am calling The Fluid Fit

My structured fits are usually on the looser side of tailored, and now I can refer to this preferred fit as fluid. I like a fluid fit because to my eye, clothing often looks more flattering when it’s slightly loose on the body. The effect is slimming, camouflaging of lumpage and bumpage, and streamlined. But not too loose that garments look ill-fitting, or too unstructured that you disappear in your outfit. Furthermore, I find a fluid fit extra comfortable because I can drive, reach, bend over, and walk fast without feeling restricted. 

Granted there is also a time for a very formfitting piece in my style, like the way I like to wear a black turtleneck, or some of my dresses. But for the most part, I like my clothing fits truly tailored, fluid, or oversized. 

I was wondering whether you also enjoy wearing a fluid fit. Do you think that wearing a structured item that is slightly looser all over has a slimming effect? Or do you feel your most streamlined in a true tailored and/or bod con fit? Remember that this is all about personal fit preference, and that there is no right or wrong answer.