This is a very impractical outfit to wear in a dirty city, but I can’t help it. I LOVE wearing shades of white, and seeing as it’s one of my style goals to wear more white this year, I’m walking my talk. The visual effect of wearing so much white is clean and crisp, while the feeling is luxurious. There’s also something magical about the juxtaposition of bright white against the urban grit of city life. 

This outfit is almost Winter white from head to toe. I wanted to wear a Winter white and gold form fitting turtleneck, but I didn’t have one when I shopped my closet (note to self: add this item to the shopping list.) So I went with my indispensable wardrobe essential, a fine gauge black merino wool turtleneck, instead. Form fitting black turtlenecks make me look curvier and larger in the bust, which is my small nod to the Kingdom of Bombshell.

I’ve had a pair of drapey and lined Winter white trousers with narrow hems on my list for ages, and was pleased to find these Modern Sporty Twill Straight Leg Pants at Ann Taylor last year. Mine aren’t as fitted as they are on the model, which suits me just fine because I generally prefer looser fits. Soft, lined trousers like these are so comfortable that it sometimes makes me wonder why I wear jeans at all. And then I remember that we live in an age of casualization. Yup, jeans just work better in certain settings.

It’s been cold in Seattle so that means that I layer a jacket under a coat to keep toasty warm, and keep my jacket on indoors when my coat comes off. The leather jacket, a sentimental and favourite piece because Greg bought it for me, is five years old and still going strong. I travel with it, wear it frequently, and it hasn’t been professionally cleaned once. I firmly believe that if you’re careful and look after your white items, they look good for a long time. The coat I’ve also had for years, but that goes to the cleaners at the end of the season. 

I finished off the outfit with a plaid belt, small black clutch and off white patent booties. I originally paired my cream snake skin booties with the outfit, which worked well. Then I thought it would be fun to extend the line of the leg with the same colour booties as the trousers. I was torn which option to wear, so I asked my in-house fashion stylist Greg what he thought. He preferred the dramatic sci-fi vibe of the solid cream booties, so that was that. As usual, I sport no jewelry apart from a watch, wedding ring and specs.

It was fun to run into our friend Ruth who was walking their sweet little Spaniel Eddie downtown while we were prepping this photo shoot. Eddie is a bundle of happy, wagging, warm, loving energy and we had to say hello. I’m polished but not precious. Sharing cuddles with a gorgeous doggie is top priority, with or without a Winter white outfit.

We won’t be attending New York Fashion Week in February, but if we were, I’d have worn this outfit on the first day. In a sea of ultra trendy, spunky, creative and avant-garde outfits, I enjoy making a statement with graphic modern classics.