This is an example of an outfit that I might wear on appointments with a business casual client. It’s trendier and a tad more casual than my dress and jacket formula and pencil skirt and shirt combination, but just as appropriate. I’d also wear this outfit out to dinner, during fashion week, or when I’m on my feet for fourteen hours during pre-selections for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because it’s that comfortable. Trousers are truly more comfortable than a pair of tight jeans in my book, but I might be in the minority with that opinion. 

All I’ve done here is change out the top and bag, and left the rest exactly the same as when I paired the same wide leg trousers with a cream eyelet shirt and red bag last year. Both outfits demonstrate the power of the classics – the classic item here being the black wide leg trousers. The previous outfit with the tailored cream shirt is modern classic from head to toe. This rendition is trendier because it incorporates an oversized draped blouse and a sporty daytime clutch.


It was love at first sight when I saw the black and cream checked fold front blouse. It’s essentially a collared shirt — one of the three styles of top that I wear — in an oversized cut in one of my favourite neutrals and pattern. It therefore had potential despite my dainty shoulder line and long neck, which require ample structure in order for tops and jackets to look good. The smallest size still needed alteration, but I could do it myself at home in two ticks. I removed the front snaps and repositioned the V-neckline so that it fit tighter on my shoulder and higher on my chest and around my neck, thereby creating more structure around the area where I need it most. I stitched down the new position of the neckline with three tacking stitches on the front wrap part of the blouse. The wrap does not fall open, and I’m structured in the right place. All sorted. 

Side Close


I do not require waist and bust definition to feel fabulous in an outfit, so the loosey-goosey torso fit on this blouse is just fine with me. I barely look like I have a bust and my midriff disappears in the silhouette. To some this is an unflattering silhouette, and that’s understandable. To my eye the proportions look fresh and are a nice change from wearing a tailored top with these trousers. Scrunching the sleeves to expose forearm skin adds extra structure to the blouse. 

Partially Tucked - Close

Partially Tucked

Sleeve - Close

The blouse was showcased untucked and half-tucked online, but I like to wear the blouse fully tucked. I like the visual effect of a pattern mixed belt and kimono-esque vibe, which you lose when you leave the front untucked. Plus it feels dressier when I tuck my tops and I prefer that. The half-tuck might be more fashionable right now, but for my style persona the top feels more right when it’s tucked, and sometimes you just have to go with that. 

That said, wearing the shirt half-tucked does showcase the belt, and I like to wear the blouse that way from time to time just to change things up. And it’s the first top I have ever worn half-tucked, because if I am not tucking I prefer to faux-tuck my tops.

Graffiti - Close


I finished off the outfit with low heeled cream and black wedges, citron clutch, gold watch, wedding ring and retro specs. I do not like to layer anything over this blouse because it looks best sans topper. It’s a great top for hot weather because it’s made of natural fibres and the fit is breezy. Thankfully, our warm weather has arrived and all that’s left to do is wear the heck out of my new blouse before it takes a vacation in my closet till next Summer.