The draped blouse is also called a “crossover blouse” or “fold front blouse”. The concept of the crossover “wrap” blouse is not new to us at all, and formfitting wraps are a classic style. Draped blouses, on the other hand, are like wraps on steroids because they are slouchy and oversized, which is perfectly in keeping with directional fashion. 

I love this shape of blouse, which reminds me a little of the way Audrey Hepburn wore her shirt back in the day. The loose drape is elegant, alluring, chic, interesting and playful. Their unstructured take on a classic looks fresh to my eye, as does the high-low hemline with banded front. The shape works particularly well on a broader shoulder line and shorter neck because broad shoulders fill out the silhouette, and V-necklines elongate the neck. It can also work well on a large bust, depending on the cut. It’s forgiving over the midriff and can be dressed up or down. 

The draped blouse lends itself well to the semi-tuck, and adds an unstructured integrity to structured bottoms. Wear it with a camisole, or lots of fashion tape! It’s breezy in hot weather and pretty versatile. Fab with dressy trousers, a pencil skirt, short shorts, and just about any pair of jeans. 

Zara Tri-color Crossover BlouseZara Striped TopZara Checked Crossover ShirtZara Draped Blouse

The unstructured integrity of the style is also its downside, making you feel shapeless and unattractive if your preference is to show off your shape. The front crossover flaps shift about because they are oversized and look slightly odd from the side. If you’re petite, you’ll probably need to wear a heel to balance out the long torso that this style creates. And there’s the “baring all” when you bend over unless you’re wearing a camisole. You can of course add structure to the silhouette by showing skin through sleeve scrunching and choosing a sleeveless option. But you’ll have to be at peace with the downsides if this shape tickles your fancy. 

I’m in and have the Funktional fold front blouse on order. I’ve fallen in love with the draped blouse style although I don’t hold out much hope for filling it out. My dainty shoulder line and long neck are not ideal for the silhouette, but the style I chose has a shirt collar so I’m hopeful. 

What’s your take on the draped blouse?

10-Crosby Derek Lam Striped Surplice BlouseFunktional Fold Front Blouse

Funktional Micro Fold Front BlouseFunktional Software Fold Front Blouse

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