Although I’m following New York Fashion Week with great interest online, we aren’t attending in person this time round. This meant we could attend the Neiman Marcus Fashion’s Night Out event in Seattle for a change. Of course, bustling, crowded, energetic NYC can’t be beat, but the evening was fun all the same and it was great to be close to home. 

I bust out a new pair of black wide leg wool trousers with leather trim that were a birthday present from Greg. Apart from a pair of pleated, floor length black culottes that I had back in 1992, this is my first pair of wide leg trousers. I did not wear palazzo pants in the ’90s, or any trouser wide and roomy from the thighs down. I stuck to very tapered legs, straight legs, or flares in the form of bootcuts that are fitted on the thigh. 

I used to feel overwhelmed in wide leg trousers, not being able to fill them out despite my regular height. It just goes to show that the right fit, fabric and drape can change your mind. For the first time ever, I don’t feel like wide leg trousers are wearing me. They aren’t all that wide and the low rise with extra wide waistband provides added structure. That, and my commitment to embracing the ongoing trouser season wholeheartedly, sealed the deal. If I hadn’t been as into all trouser silhouettes over the last few years, I would probably have bypassed wide leg styles all together. I’m still a tapered trouser gal at heart. 

I prefer to wear tailored tops with voluminous bottoms, so that means a fitted button down shirt or turtle neck for my style. It was a gorgeous warm and sunny evening so I opted for a shirt. I chose a five year old Anne Fontaine cream eyelet shirt because it’s still a favourite, and buttoned it right up to the top. It’s fun to match up new goodies with old favourites don’t you think? There is enough wardrobe love to go round. 

I bat for Team Full Tuck and do not like to leave exposed belt loops empty, so that meant wearing a belt with the outfit. I chose a cream and black textured polka dot because I prefer to wear patterned or solid embellished belts. That way they feel like a piece of jewelry. And seeing as I don’t wear jewelry, the belt is a great substitute.

I wore low heeled cream and black wedges, which aren’t ideal for wide leg trousers because high heels tend to look best. Low heels worn with low rise, wide trousers and a high contrast top do not elongate the leg line. But if I had left these trousers at their original length to wear with high heels, I just wouldn’t wear them. My three inch heels only come out for sitting occasions and I’d like to wear these trousers more frequently. Sometimes you have to make figure flattering compromises to suit your comfort levels. The advantage of wearing wide leg trousers with lower heels is that you catch a glimpse of the shoe when standing because the arches are less steep. Usually, wearing wide trousers at the correct length with high heels means that you can’t see the shoes unless you’re in motion or sitting down. 

This is the outfit that I would have worn last Thursday to see the Spring 2013 collections had we attended New York Fashion Week in person. I wanted to make a simple neutral statement with timeless pieces amongst the uber cool, trendy, fashion forward and avant-garde outfits. Ms. Valentino was the perfect finishing touch. 

Update: Greg took some pictures during the runway show and posted a few of them to his lookfab blog.