Although arm candy is all the rage, let’s not forget about the big necklace. I’m specifically talking about chunky styles that are worn close to the neck. This style of necklace can make your outfit, and comes in countless variations. Here are ways to match them up with flattering necklines on tops, knitwear and dresses. 

  1. V-neck: Large necklaces with a triangular shape work particularly well with V-necklines. The necklace either fits into the space defined by the skin above the neckline, or overlaps the neckline. 
  2. Scoop neck: Large necklaces with a round rather than triangular shape are well suited to scoop necks. But a triangular shape necklace will work just as well. 
  3. Crew neck: Bib and collar necklaces work particularly well over crew necks. 
  4. Open shirt collar: I’ve found that necklaces that fit into the triangular space defined by exposed skin work very well inside an open shirt collar. I like to layer a multi strand gum-ball pearl necklace inside my open shirt collar. Chunky choker styles are another option. 
  5. Buttoned up shirt: Triangular shaped large necklaces get my top vote for this neckline. 
  6. Turtleneck: This option can veer into frumpy territory so proceed with caution. It’s important that the large necklace is large, be it a long pendant style or one that is worn close to the neck. Personally, I do not fancy dainty jewelry worn over a turtleneck. 
  7. Strapless: Pretty much any large necklace style will work over a strapless item due to the large amount of exposed skin. The neckline barely interferes with the style of the necklace.  
  8. One-shoulder: This option is for Team Asymmetry. I like necklaces that are “front heavy” with this type of neckline. That way you expose a little more of your bare shoulder and neck, which makes for an interesting visual effect.  

Now that I wholeheartedly bat for Team Minimal, I hardly wear necklaces or any jewelry at all. But when I do, I stick to oversized white pearl necklaces or my late Mum’s vintage gold pendant necklace from the ’70s. I usually wear the pearls over a crew neck, turtleneck or inside a shirt collar. And the pendant necklace over a turtleneck or crew neck. How do you wear big necklaces?

V NeckScoop NeckCrew NeckOver Buttoned ShirtInside Open ShirtStraplessOne ShoulderTurtleneck