You are on Team Gold Shoes if you prefer gold footwear, and vice versa. Any shade of gold or silver counts, be it bright sci-fi silver or muted gold, in any style of footwear. Note: if you prefer pewter footwear, you’re sitting this one out on the bench because pewter is often as gold as it is silver. If you prefer rose gold footwear, you bat for Team Gold Shoes.

I love sci-fi silver footwear as much as gold footwear. I have silver and gold trimmed footwear, and would welcome a pair of gold shoes into my wardrobe. I am less fond of pewter because it’s not as bright and light as a clear silver or gold. Although I love pewter footwear on others.

So I’m sitting this one out on the bench with patat frites. That’s the Dutch version of French fries, served in a cone with a dollop of mayonnaise. When it’s fresh and hot, it really hits the spot. 

Over to you. Are you Team Gold Shoes or Team Silver Shoes? No batting for both teams, but by all means join me on the bench. There is plenty of frites!