Several current fashion trends are extremely comfortable to wear. I’m talking about the oversized trend, sassy sweatshirts, silky track pants and sassy sneakers. Wear these trendy items together in one outfit and that’s about as comfy as it gets. 

This got me thinking. Are we moving towards a fashion era that makes comfort the top priority? And if so, to what extent will the result of these trends be a sloppier looking society. An overly casual world. A lack of fashion flair. And ultimately, a lack of style. 

I wholeheartedly advocate comfortable dressing because you couldn’t pay me enough money to wear itchy wool and shoes that hurt my feet. I am constantly concerned that my clients feel comfortable in their outfits. Furthermore, I actually love these current high-comfort fashion trends because they allow us to create interesting outfit juxtapositions that feel fresh and new. That said, I do take care to wear them with polish and luxurious fabrications, some structure, and mix them up with dressier pieces so that I can achieve a sense of sophisticated chic. If I don’t do that I feel unstylish. 

If I could jump into the future I would hate to see the complete absence of tailoring and structure. If sloppy casual becomes the new chic, fashion won’t be as fun and I’ll definitely look dated.

I’m torn. I enjoy new fashion directions and love outfits that convey a sense of casual chic, relaxed polish and easy elegance. But I will fight to preserve a little bit of dressy so that things aren’t merely casual and easy. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Are the current high-comfort trends a good or bad thing for the future of style?