We saw soft printed blazers trending last year. This season we’re seeing floral jackets make a statement. Not just in blazer styles, but in bomber and denim jacket silhouettes, moto styles and tuxedo shapes. Floral patterns are large, small, ditsy, abstract, bright, pastel, neutral or tonal. Lots of variety. 

I bought a soft grey floral blazer last year in a tuxedo style and loved it. I found it quite versatile, wearing it over dresses and with trousers, denim cut-offs and jeans. It was a great weight for Seattle Summers, adding a nice dressy touch to denim. Unfortunately it’s slipping and fraying at the seams and cannot be fixed. So I’m looking to replace my floral blazer with another, and hence it went onto my Spring shopping list. I’m unsure whether to go neutral, pastel or bright, but clearly I’m a yay vote on this trend. To my eye it looks fresh, romantic and fun. I’m also not opposed to wearing a floral trouser suit. 

My clients have generally enjoyed wearing patterned jackets and blazers, but that’s across a spectrum of patterns and not just floral. Some won’t wear florals at all because they feel prissy, precious, frumpy and like a garden tea party. Others will only entertain the idea in quiet neutrals or tones of the same colour. Others are open to wearing a floral jacket, but have not found the right floral pattern yet. And some just won’t wear patterns, full stop. 

Over to you. Do you like the trend and would you wear a floral jacket?