You got a glimpse of this outfit a few days ago because it’s what I wore to the photography meet-up at Alki Beach last weekend. I had first pulled together a bright red jacket with a dark blue denim shirt and matched it with a pair of black cigarette trousers and flats. But Greg reminded me that the red would be hard to photograph in bright sunlight, so I switched to this more neutral and subdued ensemble. 

The outfit, as Kari pointed out, picked up the colours of the scenery. I had unintentionally colour coordinated myself with the sky, water and pebbly beach. 

These are items you have seen me wear many times, along with my only pair of prescription sunglasses and an old colour blocked L.A.M.B bag. I really like to dress down my dressier items — like I’m doing with this silky patterned blazer — so that I can wear them more often. This dressing strategy does mean that I end up with a dressier casual look. But that’s fine with me. Wearing dressy items is very much part of my style.