Veteran member Jenava suggested to Greg that a day of camera fun was in order. Naturally Greg, who is passionate about photography, welcomed the idea. So with cameras in hand, local Seattle YLF’ers Jenava, Kari, Aida, Amy and Phoebe met with Greg and me at scenic Alki Beach last Saturday on what turned out to be a glorious Spring day. 

Phoebe brought fresh warm donuts to get our sugar levels going right at the start of the meet. Good thinking, Phoebe! The purpose of the meet was to sharpen our photo taking skills. So everyone practiced snapping photos of each other against different backdrops with different light exposures and camera settings while sharing advice along the way. There were lots of individual outfit photos, group photos, photos taken in the sun, in the shade, zoomed in, zoomed out,  photos with and without a depth of field, photos of smiles, growls, frowns and sexy face. So fun. I was the only one without a camera, but I did make myself useful by providing the odd  pose and offering moral support. 

As with all YLF gatherings, there is spades of laughter, admiration for each other’s outfits, non-stop chit chat, and a very delicious midday meal. After a couple of hours of photo taking, we all recharged at Cactus for yummy Tex-Mex cuisine. Jalapeno lemonade, Margaritas, tacos, enchiladas, salsa and guacamole went down extremely well. 

Laptops in hand, we then moved to Starbucks where we looked at some of the photos that had been taken that morning. Post processing tips — like how to correct the white balance, create colour contrasts, add overlays, and sharpen images — were shared. There were several aha moments, even for Greg! 

Below is an assortment of photographs, by and of the individuals at the meet-up. Big thank you to Jenava for organizing the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the different flavour of this gathering and watching all the pretty lady photographers in action. And Greg, of course.