I bought Gap’s Sexy Boyfriend Jeans on sale a few months ago because I like “the boyfriend” silhouette, but did not want to invest heavily in the look. I’ve worn them frequently this Summer as a welcome roomy change to skinnies, straight legs, cut-off clamdiggers and even bootcuts jeans. They’ve worked out well. 

I have quite a high bagginess threshold so I sized up on the jeans to create a baggier fit on the waist, bottom and legs. This made the crotch point drop two or so inches below its usual position. These jeans fall right off with button and zipper fastened, and cannot be worn without a low slung belt. The droopy seat and back pocket positions would not meet with Team Back’s approval, but I bat for Team Front so I’m more tolerant of rear views that do not look tight and perky. These baggy jeans are not conventionally flattering, but they are on trend, extremely comfortable, and appeal to my tomboy streak. This makes them fun to wear and just flattering enough that I feel good in them.

I match these jeans with all sorts of soft blouses, knitwear, lace tops, blazers flats and bags, but like them best worn with a popped and scrunched masculine tucked in shirt, belt, clutch and low heels. No jewelry other than my watch, wedding ring and specs. The simplicity of the outfit really appeals to me, as does the marriage of timeless classics (shirt, pumps and belt) with on trend items (jeans and clutch). 

I won’t wear these jeans with an untucked top because the structure that is achieved by tucking and belting adds the polish that I strive to create in my outfits. I’m not a semi-tuck gal either, so it’s always full tuck and belt with boyfriend jeans for my style. I wish that the jeans were long enough to wear full length, but they are too short worn unrolled. So I’ll be wearing them rolled with booties, Converse sneakers and blazers in the early Autumn just so that I can wear them a little longer. 

I’ve been wearing clutch handbags during the day as I give my big bags a break. Surprisingly, I don’t find them impractical, and I’ve had no problem using one while I shop all day with a client. I have one hand free, or pop the clutch under my upper arm when I need to use both hands. I’m glad that the strategy works because I do love the look of a clutch. 

The powerful effect of classic wardrobe items was the the most important style lesson that I learned last year. This year, I’ve learned that I am happiest when my outfit contains at least one classic piece. That way it instantly feels simple, crisp and clean. We are always learning about our evolving styles and having fun along the way.