You are on Team Eye Shadow if you wear it daily or almost daily. You are on Team No Eye Shadow if you leave it off for at least half of the time. 

I have worn eye shadow once to a real life event. In true ’80s style, it was to my high school dance in 1987. My date after the dance couldn’t wait for me to take off the eye shadow as soon as we hit the after parties. Point taken and I couldn’t have agreed more with his assessment. 

Me and eye shadow are not friends because the effect, no matter how “natural”, looks too done up. This sounds crazy because I bat for Team Dressy but there you have it. I have a small face, but my eyes are relatively big, my lashes long, and my brows distinctive. As soon as I add eye shadow into the mix of mascara and eye brow pencil, I look and feel like a clown. Plus my eyes look too big for my face, and it just doesn’t work. I’ll stick to wearing mascara and eyebrow pencil daily, which adds just the right amount of polish to my style. I don’t change this eye make-up routine for formal events either. That said, if I was attending the Academy Awards, I’d probably wear a smokey eye. 

I am Team No Eye Shadow without a shadow of a doubt. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Eye Shadow or Team No Eye Shadow. Tell us why and no batting for both teams.