A peter pan collar is usually flat with rounded edges on the tips of the collar. They can be high, low and vary in width as seen in the examples below. You’ll find peter pan collars on blouses, shirts, knitwear, dresses, jackets and coats. They are classic so we see them every year. But every so often, classic looks become “on trend” so we’ll also see peter pan collars make fashion statements over the next few seasons. 

These collars get a mixed reaction from my clientele. Some adore the retro vibe, the softness of the rounded collars, their playful, romantic and arty integrity, and their feminine appeal. A pointy shirt collar is strict, crisp and masculine, whereas a peter pan collar creates a more ladylike and whimsical effect. Peter pan collars also do a great job of softening a very strong shoulder line. Some of my clients feel that they look more approachable and friendly in a peter pan collar. 

My other clients are dead set against peter pan collars because they look overly sweet, precious, girly and juvenile. Too much softness and not enough “grown-up authority”. 

I understand and agree with both points of view. The pointy shirt collar dominates my wardrobe because its strict, masculine integrity is precisely what appeals to me in the first place. But I also have a few peter pan collared pieces because I like their retro, feminine, soft and romantic vibe. There is room for both looks depending on my mood and what I want to communicate through my clothes on a given day.   

Do you wear peter pan collars, and do you prefer them to shirt collars? Or do you think peter pan collars are overly sweet, juvenile and precious. Can you look authoritative in a peter pan collar?

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