Picking up the colours of your hair, eyes and colouring in your clothing, footwear and accessories is an effective way to pull together an outfit. The repetition creates a unified whole that is visually pleasing and draws our attention. 

Here are just a few examples: 

  • Redheads wear chestnut coloured patterns and burnt orange with panache.
  • Auburn haired ladies are fabulous in cognac.
  • Brunettes with hazel eyes look fantastic in olive green.
  • Black haired ladies look fab in black bottoms, shoes and opaque tights.
  • Blondes wear light coloured footwear with ease.
  • Grey haired ladies look fab in shades of grey.
  • Gals with burgundy streaked hair sport burgundy belts and handbags with the best of them.
  • Peaches and cream complexions are great with gelato inspired tones.
  • Rosy cheeked ladies look wonderful in coral.
  • Blue eyed gals look amazing in shades of blue and blue based patterns.
  • Green eyed gals look great in shades of green.  

I enjoy repeating the colours that run through my light blonde hair. I love to wear white and cream both on the top and bottom. I love to wear patterns that incorporate white or cream. I prefer white pearls. And bookending my outfit with light coloured shoes, handbag and belt instantly pulls it together. 

My eyes are olive green with an outer blue rim and yellow bits in the middle. Olive green is not my best colour, but wearing citron makes my eyes look greener because it picks up the yellow bits. Wearing shades of blue close to my face picks up the blue in my eyes. Coral, bright pink and tomato red pick up the colour in my cheeks. 

Of course, repeating your colouring in your outfits is by no means essential. But doing so can create a pleasing visual effect by pulling together and grounding your outfit. Do you repeat your colouring in your outfits?