In the wake of “Downton Abbey” ‘Edwardiana’ is set to become a key look this Autumn. The immensely popular costume drama has been inspiring many a big name in the fashion world, and while we wait for its return next year we can admire the three Crawley ladies on the current cover of cult magazine Love.

Season 3 of “Game of Thrones” will start airing in March 2013. In the meantime fans of the fantasy series might enjoy this comparison with the Givenchy Fall 2012 Collection that is said to have been inspired by the stunning costumes with lavish details.

The Scandinavian crime series “The Killing” has been a huge hit across Europe, and as the weeks progressed viewers didn’t just want to find out who killed Nanna Birk Larsen, they also became a little obsessed with Sarah Lund’s chunky knit Faroese jumper. If you have a chance to watch the original Scandinavian version, I highly recommend it.

Fab Links from Our Members

Ann Curry may have been fired by the Today Show because of the way she dressed. Laura points out that, interestingly, the way she wanted to dress is similar to what many YLF’ers love: colourful touches and low heels…

Parsley recommends this list of fashion blogs for women over fifty compiled by The Huffington Post.

This article about the ‘Face-Kini’, a new bathing suit trend in China, got Rae wondering about how the changing environment and ozone layer might one day affect our fashion choices.

Anna loves this mix of destroyed boyfriend jeans and a really sharp white blazer over at Atlantic-Pacific.

Fox News reports that fashion magazines are now airbrushing models to make them look larger. Celia is troubled by the fact that one way or the other the media is always trying to create an image of the perfect body, and she asks: “What is so wrong with the concept of diversity?”

This outfit on the Sartorialist really spoke to Angie because it looks sensational and refreshing worn with flat loafers. The look is edgier and “newer” than if it had been worn with high heels.

After reading Sally’s advice to keep underutilized wardrobe items in plain sight, Alaskagirl wants to create a space in her closet to rotate those items, or even keep them on an open rack in the bedroom.

Makrame likes to read about the perfect travel capsule, and enjoyed this Wall Street Journal article (subscription only) about minimalist travel wardrobes consisting of just five pieces.

MaryK loved this feature about workwear at a large New York City law firm.

During a visit to Paris Flattering50 developed the theory that Parisian fashion imitates Parisian architecture. The French women seemed particularly inspired by the many cream coloured facades. Vildy cheekily asks why they’re not following the real architectural elements of the wedding cake style.