I firmly believe in the power of classic wardrobe items because of their extreme versatility. They are like play-dough that you can mould into any shape and form. I am not trying to convert you to classic dressing if that’s not your thing. Not at all. My point is entirely different, and the outfits below illustrate it very well. 

Both models are wearing fashion forward and somewhat avant-garde trousers and shoes. Yet they’ve been paired with perfectly classic blouses and a blazer. Of course, these trousers could have been successfully paired with fashion forward and avant-garde tops and toppers, and the outfit effect would have been a lot more theatrical. And you may have felt self-conscious wearing the theatrical combination. 

The classic items ground these outfits, making the trousers completely wearable. That’s the lesson. When in doubt about what to pair with a hectically fashion forward item of clothing, try a classic item. Chances are high that the outfit will work and you will feel more comfortable wearing it that way. 

I’d welcome both of these trousers into my own wardrobe. I would match them up with true classics like a tucked in, white button down shirt, very fitted turtleneck, charcoal pinstripe blazer, cropped tuxedo jacket or denim jacket. I’d also wear low heeled booties, flat oxfords or slipper flats instead of high heeled sandals. The versatility of classic wardrobe items cannot be beat.