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After many top designers showed space-agey looks in their recent runway collections, I chose “sci-fi metallics” as one of my 12 trends for Fall. Well ladies, the sci-fi trend is here. It’s fringe, but I have a hunch that it will be stronger next year. 

The sci-fi trend isn’t about gold and silver catsuits with protruding angular design details, lightening bolt hair, glittery make-up and moon boots. But it might still look and feel space-agey, futuristic, over the top, and unwearable at first glance. At the end of the day, though, the vibe is really just MODERN. 

The streamlined lines, simplicity, severity, crispness, and rigid integrity of the designs are what make them look modern. Pop them into an icy shade like metallic and the modern attributes are heightened. This trend is polar opposite to the warmth of an earthy bohemian style, and the softness of a romantic style. 

Sci-fi metallic clothing, footwear and accessories become wearable when they are mixed with soft items and regular mainstream clothing. As seen here, silver trousers are worn with a basic crew neck sweater and timeless cream blazer. Silver boots are worn with jeans, a blouse and parka. The gold top is paired with skinnies and a patterned clutch. The silver mini skirt is matched with a t-shirt and basic cardigan. See! This stuff is wearable, and you won’t look like you’re climbing into a spaceship on your way to a rendezvous with aliens. That’s why I believe that the trend will grow in popularity overtime.

It isn’t shown in these examples, but some designers have already taken the liberty of mixing sci-fi metallic detailing with softness in the same item. Think flowing chiffon dresses and cozy knitwear with metallic trims and panels. Or suede booties with broad silver ankle straps and big buckles. The juxtaposition makes sense. 

I love this trend. It isn’t only that the crisp modern wardrobe items with simple straight lines appeal to me. It is also the sci-fi association. 

Until a few years ago I was not a fan of science fiction at all. Greg just had to mention the genre and my eyes clouded over. And then one evening I was sitting with him while he was watching the last episode in the 3rd season of the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica (BSG). I was intrigued. The show was clever, captivating and women played very powerful roles. We ended up watching all five seasons together and BSG still rates as my favourite TV series of all time. It completely changed my perception of all things sci-fi and now I’m a huge fan.

As yet, I haven’t acted on my interest. I have metallic items in my wardrobe, but they aren’t representative of this trend because they don’t look futuristic. I don’t exactly know how I’m going to incorporate sci-fi into my style, but as a nod to my recent conversion to science fiction shows I’m determined to do so. My toenails have been bright silver all Summer and that feels like a start. I would love a pair of silver booties because they would complement my capsules and lifestyle really well. I also fancy the idea of space-agey silver pants and a gold top. Decisions, decisions.

Over to you. Do you like the sci-fi metallics trend? Would you wear these items? Or are they too over the top, or just plain silly.