After viewing many, many shows at Fashion Week, browsing the internet, flipping through magazines, working with clients at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last week, and throwing in my own hunches, here’s my take on the top trends for this Fall and Winter. 

The first three are particularly interesting because style “opposites” are equally on trend.

  1. Unstructured versus Structured Silhouettes: There is a HUGE movement back to baggy, oversized, NON-waist-defining tops, knitwear, bottoms and coats. Even more so than last season. But at the same time, form fitting clothing is also on trend. And of course, perfectly tailored pieces that are neither overly form fitting or boxy are classic, flop proof and timeless. 
  2. Pattern Mixing versus Matchy-Matchy: On the one hand there’s the hectically mismatched pattern mixing trend, where items clash to the extent that they end up working in harmomy. On the other hand, heavily matched outfits are fashion forward. 
  3. Geometric versus Florals: On the one hand there’s the romantic and soft vibe of a floral. On the other hand there’s the severity of a geometric and checked pattern. Better yet, wear both in one outfit.  
  4. Colour: Colour is still strong. From pastels and mid tones, to spicy earth tones, jewel tones, and brights. That’s ALL colours covered along with a splendid assortment of neutrals. What more can we ask for as far as colours go. This is BRILLIANT. 
  5. Trousers: It’s still a trouser season in ALL it’s variations. Skinny, straight, bootcut, flared, slouchy, wide leg, culottes, cropped, very short, solid, patterned, lace, brocade, pleated, flat front, checked, striped, soft, rigid, textured, high rise, low rise and dropped crotch. Everything. Sorry skirt and dress lovers. It’s just not your season. 
  6. Reds: Deep reds are it. From the richest maroon, merlot, crimson, burgundy and bordeaux all the way to fire engine and bright tomato red. Emphasis this season is on burgundy and merlot. 
  7. Whites: Creams and Winter whites will be strong in all wardrobe items. Perhaps Winter white will be the next black. 
  8. Menswear Inspirations: It’s all about suiting, strict blazers, button down shirts/blouses and NOT wearing these items as tight as seasons past. Think Marlene Dietrich, Ellen DeGeneres and Katherine Hepburn.
  9. Peplums: On tops and jackets. 
  10. Leather Trim: Leather clothing like jackets, skirts, tops, dresses, shorts, trousers and skinnies are as big as they ever were, but leather trim is also on trend. Think leather panels and insets, leather piping and tipping, and leather welted pockets.
  11. Sci-Fi Metallics: Shiny fabrics in graphic silhouettes are so on trend. Think of items that you would normally wear during the day, yet they have lots of gold and silver thread woven into them. Silver and gold booties and boots! Space-age fashion is making its fun, fashion mark. 
  12. Booties, Shooties, Slipper Flats, Oxfords and Loafers: These peds are the look of the season, both in heeled and flat versions. Knee-high and mid calf boots in rugged, equestrian, over-the-knee and classic dressy silhouettes are always in style, but it’s their shorter, high vamped cousin that’s more on trend. 

We can also look forward to Baroque style inspirations, bejeweled clothing, wearing socks with pumps, Oriental patterns and motifs, and military looks.

I love all of these trends! How about you?