You are on Team Solo Shop if you prefer to shop alone. You are on Team Group Shop if you prefer to shop with someone else or in a group of people. 

I am sitting this one out because I can’t pick a team. I love to shop alone because I’m extra focused and fast. I soak up more detail about the items and stores and usually have a productive session. But I also love to shop with my clients, with friends, with YLF’ers at a gathering, with my sister-in-law Keri and with Greg. I used to love shopping with my late Mum. I love the laughter and chit chat that unfolds when you shop with someone else. I love sharing my finds with others along the way. I love helping others find fab stuff. I love to shop, period. 

Over to you. Are you Team Solo Shop or Team Group Shop? Tell us why and no batting for both teams, but you are welcome to join me on the bench.