This poll is about the colour red because it’s trending strongly for Fall and Winter 2012, especially in its darker hues.

You are on Team Dark Red if you prefer crimson, claret, burgundy, oxblood, maroon, sangria and bordeaux. These reds are deep, rich, earthy and at times bordering a shade of purple. You are on Team Bright Red if you prefer acidic shades like tomato red, fire engine red or pillar box red. These types of red border on a shade of orange.

I am 100% Team Bright Red because tomato red is one of my favourite colours. I personally prefer a red that has a lot of yellow in it, although I love a deep red on others. I have never worn dark red, not even as a toenail polish. That said, I might wear a pattern that incorporates a bit of dark red if it’s surrounded by crisp, sour colours. 

Over to you. Are you Team Dark Red or Team Bright Red? If you like dark red, this is your season!