This post is brought to you by Havaianas. The world’s most stylish and comfortable flip flop has launched a unique Special Collection of sandals inspired by the people and landscapes of Brazil, mixing both simplicity and sophistication.

This is the third in a series of ensembles that I’m creating for Havaianas. For this one I chose their Slim Geometric flip flop design, which was inspired by the Portuguese tiles that adorn the facades of old colonial houses in Brazil. 

Flip flops are ideal for hot beach and pool settings because they are extremely casual, waterproof, ventilating, and slip on and off in less than two ticks. 

This beach and pool outfit formula is more casual than the kaftan look, and it’s easy to put together. First, you’ll need a flared knitted skirt with an elasticated waistband for easy  pull on and pull off action. Surprisingly, you can find these types of skirts at sporting goods stores. Choose your desired length, colour, solid or pattern. I’ve chosen an on trend emerald high-low skirt as one option, and a more classic, longer black fit-and-flare skirt as a second option. These skirts are practical, comfortable and double up as a swimsuit cover-up.

Add a fitted t-shirt or tank top over the skirt, wearing your swimsuit under the ensemble. I’ve chosen a white tee because I love white, but feel free to choose any colour. Add a cropped sleeveless denim vest as a third layer, and I vote faded for an extra relaxed vibe. It’s also fun to wear the denim vest over your swimsuit as a cover-up. 

Lastly, add a pair of flip flops, eyewear, sunhat and beach tote. I chose aviators because I adore RayBans. I chose a canvas cap as an alternative to a straw hat with a wide brim, just to change things up. I threw in a patterned tote because stripes are a nautical classic. Pack a set of underwear so that you can change out of your wet swimsuit on the way home. Bob’s your uncle: You’re ready for a day at the beach or pool.   

As with all the outfit formulas, absorb the concept and substitute the items with ones that are more to your taste. Wearing a pair of cut off shorts, tee or tank, and flip flops is an extremely popular outfit combination for the beach and pool these days. But remember those easy breezy skirts too!