The Big Tee is huge right now and goes hand in hand with the oh so popular semi tucked look that adds a dash of structure to a very loosey-goosey silhouette. While the item has a lot going for it, there are also some drawbacks. 

First the fab. Big Tees are comfortable, breezy, and easy to pull on and go. Their boyish and slouchy look is quite fun. They are on-trend, can successfully dress down dressy bottoms, and camouflage the mid-section. When paired with the right pieces and in a great drapey fabrication, the vibe is modern and a little arty. Big Tees are an ideal “de-bombshelling” tool when worn with form fitting pencil skirts. They can also take “the sexy” out of a short shorts ensemble.  And of course, they are low maintenance when it comes to laundry.

Then the not-so-fab. The tent-like, waist surrendering shape of the big tee makes you look bigger than you are, especially on a full bust line. Their unstructured integrity can make you feel unattractive and less feminine. They can look overly casual and sloppy. Their armholes and necklines are often too wide causing them to shift around on the body. And their price points can be exorbitant for an item that is really just a big t-shirt. 

I tend to suggest big tees with high-low hemlines because the shorter front makes the silhouette less overwhelming. Sleeves that taper have the same more structured visual effect. Soft fluid fabrics with weight that drape back against the body will also make this silhouette more flattering. 

My clientele has been divided on the big tee for the reasons I mentioned above. Personally, it’s not for me because I’m just not a t-shirt gal no matter how you slice and dice it. That said, I really like the vibe on others when worn with modern conviction and other on-trend pieces. The stellar outfit below with black peep-toe booties and cropped patterned pants is a perfect example. 

Would you wear a big fashionable tee? Or does it bring back bad boxy ’80s memories? Can you feel attractive in this style of top? Can it work in an office environment? 

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