Our recent business trip to San Francisco also gave us the opportunity to spend a few days with our good friends Lori and Dane about an hour outside the city in Los Gatos. Spring in Seattle has been utterly miserable, and we so enjoyed soaking up the warmth of sunny California, along with the gracious hospitality of our dear friends and their enchanting children, Chloe and Tucker. 

We browsed around downtown Los Gatos on Saturday and just about everyone and their doggies were out and about soaking up a little extra vitamin D. It was a gorgeous 23 degree day (74 degrees Fahrenheit), and I was thrilled to leave off my jacket. 

Hoping for hot weather, I had packed denim clamdiggers. But it was still too chilly to wear them. Yes, I run that cold. In this temperature I am really comfortable in a pair of jeans, a breezy sleeved top and flat covered Summer shoes. So I wore white skinny jeans instead of the clamdiggers, a boxy soft navy and cream silk blouse, and white and silver ballet flats. With scrunched sleeves and a popped collar, I was ready for action. 

Lovely Lori, who runs warmer than I do, looked fab in light grey cropped jeans and a sleeveless lilac swing top. I love Lori in muted shades of purple because it perfectly complements her red hair and ivory complexion. Lori finished off her look with a cream bag, silver cuff, blush thong sandals and tortoise shell sunglasses. Lori sported her relaxed bohemian style with panache, while I stuck to a crisp and graphic look. 

I had worn the black patent bow belt with a black suit to a business meeting the day before. I also like this dressy belt with a more casual outfit, which is why I wore it here with jeans, flats and blouse. I also finished off the look with a cream bag and eyewear, but added in a white watch. 

I enjoy mixing creams and white with navy and black as shown here. Mixing up these shades used to be considered a faux pas, but to my eye the combination is a little softer and richer than matching stark black and white.