Your sense of style twenty years from now is probably far from the top of your mind, but let’s think about it just for fun. I’m interested to know whether there are items you’re wearing now that you will still be wearing in twenty years.

I’ll probably still be wearing button down shirts, jeans, dressy trousers, tailored blazers, Converse sneakers, Rayban sunglasses, pearl necklaces, turtlenecks, my wedding rings, a Burberry scarf, my Chanel and Valentino handbags, lipstick and mascara.

I think I will be wearing specs, but it is also possible that corrective eye surgery will be very advanced and there won’t be a need for prescription eyewear at all.

And will brands like Converse, Rayban, Chanel and Valentino still be relevant? The sentimentalist in me hopes so, but I also imagine that there will be new ones.

Your turn. What will you be wearing? Or do you think our clothing will be completely different in twenty years? And if so, how?