Are leggings dated? The question has come up a lot with my clients recently, and the answer is absolutely not. I don’t mean the jegging styles that look like jeans, but the leggings styles that look more like hosiery. Unconstructed, lightweight, pull-on and best not worn as pants. 

Leggings are available in colours, patterns and all sorts of textures like lace, crochet, colour block and fishnets this season. So if you feel like an update — go for it. 

I am a classic leggings gal and stick to black because they feel best for my style. I still wear my cropped lengths and stirrup styles frequently. They are the perfect insulating layer under shorter dresses and skirts for a cool Seattle. I pair them with with ballet flats, flat oxfords or low heeled pumps. I also have my eye on a pair of black lace leggings because I’m into lace lately, and do enjoy their ’80s vibe. 

Do you still wear leggings? If so, how are you wearing them?