Floral footwear is blossoming, and I find the vibe romantic, girly, garden fresh and above all very summery. I’m a little surprised that I like the look because it’s not in line with my usual graphic, geometric and minimalistic style preferences. I guess if you love lace skirts, you’re likely to appreciate floral footwear. 

And if you don’t like to wear patterned clothing items, you might enjoy wearing patterned footwear, of which florals are one way to go. Softer than a bold geometric or animal print design, but just as strong. A great way to pattern mix. 

I don’t have any floral footwear and it’s not high on my wish list, but I do like the trend. If I stumbled upon a fab pair of floral ballet flats or slipper flats, I’d probably really enjoy wearing them. It would be fun to have a pair of white shoes covered in red poppies or yellow tulips.

Floral shoes are happy shoes, so I’m a yay vote. How about you?

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