I might be becoming more romantic because lace and I are developing a great fondness for one another. For a few years now I’ve had a black lace skirt on my shopping list, but have yet to find the perfect one that fits into my style budget (I seem to fall hard for the ones that cost thousands of dollars). But I’m patient in this respect and will hold out for the right item. 

The lace skirt is one of those versatile classic and timeless items that can be styled and manipulated to portray all sorts of fashion personas. Classic, retro, romantic, and elegant on the one hand. Modern, gothic, flirty, fun, arty, and spunky on the other. It really depends on the style of the skirt itself, and the items that you match it up with. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Classic: Add a white shirt and pumps
  • Alternative: Add Doc Marten boots and a graphic tee
  • Edgy: Add a T-shirt, leather jacket and booties
  • Romantic: Add a soft ruffled blouse, floral heels and pearls
  • Retro: Add a patterned blouse and mary janes
  • Modern: Add an oversized high-low striped knit top with wedged cage heels

Or, just add a layering top with a denim jacket and dressy shoes because that trusty formula is flop proof

I tend to think that a knee- or midi-length lace skirt in neutral colours is more timeless and ageless — either flared or fitted. Dress it up or down, and haul it out whenever you feel a little romantic and dramatic. Anyone else feeling lace skirt love? Do you prefer lace over sequins?