In honour of Mother’s Day this Sunday I’ve added three books to the store that each in their own way celebrate all the stylish Mums in our lives. The third title, My Mom, Style Icon, got me thinking about favourite pictures of my own Mum. There is a photo taken at the seaside that always pulls at my heartstrings; we were on holiday and Mama just looks so relaxed and carefree. She is strolling along the seafront wearing a flowy midi skirt with a tiny floral pattern, a long navy cardigan belted at the waist and nude low-heeled sandals. Her dark sunglasses look modern and chic, a blue patterned headscarf keeps the breeze from messing up her short hair. This is by no means the most glamorous or fashion forward outfit Mum ever owned, but I love it because it’s such a good example of the ladylike casual wear that Mama and her friends used to wear on vacation. 

I wish all you beautiful Mums out there a very happy Mother’s Day, and would love to know if there is an outfit picture of your Mum that holds special memories for you.

New in YLF Books

In My Mother’s Closet: An Invitation to Remember

Eugenia Zukerman has collected the personal stories of forty-three very different women who explore the unique relationship between mothers and daughters. Writer Erica Jong, TV journalist Lesley Stahl and actresses Claire Bloom and Carrie Fisher, among others, travel back in time to “reminisce about their mothers’ closets where they tried on clothes, jewellery and shoes, and imagined the world they would one day enter.”

My Mother’s Clothes: An Album of Memories

Jeannette Montgomery Barron began photographing her mother’s clothes and accessories to trigger her fading memories. Often the pictures were taken against backgrounds that had as much personal relevance as the garments themselves. And even as the Alzheimer’s progressed Eleanor could still recall when and where she wore her clothing. When Ellie passed away these images became not only an ode to her refined taste and vivacious personality, but meaningful and evocative still lifes in which she continues to live on.

My Mom, Style Icon

People have been submitting vintage snapshots of their mothers to Piper Weiss since early 2009. The author publishes them on her blog of the same name in homage to fashionable mums from across the globe. Her first book features two hundred colour photographs of mums sporting the styles of the times with pizzazz – pixie cuts, glamorous updos, hot pants, jumpsuits, mod frocks and retro accessories galore. Each photo comes with a personal anecdote; proof that our mums often led quite eventful and adventurous lives, and very stylish ones at that.

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