You are on Team Low Heels if you prefer to wear heel heights that are lower than three inches. You are on Team High Heels if you prefer to wear three inch heels or heels higher than three inches. All heel types count for this poll, be it stilettos, wedges, platforms or stacked heels. 

I bat for Team Flats, but if I’m going to wear a heel with an “everyday” outfit, it’s a shoe with a one and half or two inch heel. Anything over two inches and I start to slow down, with the exception of my Frye boots. Although they are just over two inches, I seem to be okay walking around at a fast pace in those all day. 

I have three pairs of high heeled party shoes with heels just over three inches. They only come out to play when I can sit for most of the event. I can’t walk briskly, and if I do walk at all the balls of my feet start to ache big time. Platforms are not my style so I don’t wear those either. I bat for Team Low Heels all the way. 

As with ALL our Team X and Team Y posts, there is no right and wrong answer. You are merely stating your preference as it relates back to your style persona. Over to you. Are you Team Low Heels or Team High Heels? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.