As a fashion professional and someone who loves fashion, I’m constantly immersing myself in the trends. I watch the runways shows, both online and twice a year at New York Fashion Week. I read magazines and blogs. I take an interest in what celebrities are wearing, and note how models are styled for fashion shoots. I follow retail very closely. 

I also believe that there is nothing wrong with incorporating new trends. It is fun to watch them develop and experiment with including them in your look. The newness makes things exciting and keeps your style feeling fresh.

Right now there are three strong elements that the styles of many fashion conscious women have in common:

  1. Long cascading hair. Somewhat messy at times, worn down or tied up. 
  2. Heels. Usually three inches or higher.
  3. Statement costume jewelry. Especially a maximal pile of arm candy. 

There is no question that these elements can be fabulous. Luscious cascading hair is always a feature. Heels can give you style superpowers. And statement costume jewelry looks interesting, shows personality, and is fun to wear.

Here’s the thing though: I don’t have any of these elements in my style. I can absolutely appreciate them, but they’re just not me. My hair is very short. I wear flats and low heels 99% of the time. And have sworn off all jewelry apart from a daily wedding ring and oversized watch. Occasionally I’ll wear my pearl necklaces, which I still love with all my heart, and my late Mum’s vintage gold jewelry, but that’s it. 

On the other hand, there are other areas where my style is really resonating with current trends. I’ve always worn  bold colors, high contrasting combinations and statement handbags. I’m really getting into pattern mixing. I love wearing tapered jeans and trousers. I enjoy wearing baggy tops and high vamped footwear.  I absolutely love the slouchy trouser and pant suit trend. I’m having fun adding a softness to my style. And ballet flats are my thing. 

I’m sure this is true for all of us to some extent. We will stay true to certain elements of our style, even when they’re not trendy. Other elements of our style will just magically align with the trends. And in some areas we will break new ground by stepping outside our comfort zone and letting the trends inspire us to try something new.

The degree to which the trends will resonate changes from season to season. The important thing is that you can have just as much fun being in sync or out of sync with the trends. In sync means your favorite things are plentiful in the stores and the outfits come easily. Out of sync means you can be more distinctive and creative with your style.

What are the “in sync”, “out of sync” and “new ground” elements of your style today?