These shoes are not inexpensive, but they are fab finds for being charming, flattering, really well made, and very comfortable. All of the styles are tried and tested by my clients. 

Remix Anita Mary Jane Pumps

These vintage-inspired, low heeled darlings are gorgeous. One of my clients, who was desperate for comfortable low heels, bought these in an assortment of colours because they are bunion-friendly.  She pops them on in the morning and doesn’t feel them throughout the day. That’s worth a lot when you have fussy feet. 

You can purchase them directly from Remix Vintage Shoes by placing an order over the phone as there is no online store. Or you can purchase them online at Sole Food

Anyi Lu Luisa Sandal

Anyi Lu makes amazingly crisp looking footwear that is as comfortable as it is attractive. One of my other clients, who hasn’t bought heeled sandals in years because nothing worked for her feet, recently bought these in cream. She remarked that they were almost as comfortable as her Haflinger slippers. They cost a pretty penny, but if you’re after a timeless, chic and simple low vamped sandal with a manageable heel height, these are worth a look. 

Cole Haan Air Tali Wedge

Simple, modern, no-nonsense wedges that you can wear with just about any Summer outfit. Your feet will be grateful for the Nike Air cushioning comfort. The style comes in an assortment of colours and heel treatments. Some heels are cork, whereas others have a self fabric heel. I like the nude and blue best, although the pink is pretty fab too. 

If you have fussy feet and are desperate for shoes that look great AND go the distance (like I am), you’ll probably spend extra on shoes. You might have fewer pairs because your budget can only be stretched so far, but it’s better to have a few pairs of killer shoes that you wear over and over again, than a whole slew of nice shoes that hurt your feet. 

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