Annagybe found this article on Jezebel very interesting. It reports on the results of research into the impact that models have on consumer choices.

Rae reads on purseblog that Nordstrom tops the consumer’s list for luxury department stores according to a recent study by the Luxury Institute.

Classically Casual thinks that Georgette of Grown and Curvy Women, recently featured on 40 + Style, is a perfectly dressed curvy lady. 

Christeanne wonders whether the ’90s are vintage after reading that the decade has come of age on Queens Of Vintage. 

ironkurtin suggests taking a peek at Karl Lagerfeld’s crazy Fortress-of-Solitude fashion show.

MaryK liked Corporette’s post on what to wear to officiate a wedding. Mary further suggests that if you’re a clergyperson or a judge, wear your robe for the ceremony and save the pretty dress for the reception.

Celia found interesting this recent statement by Barack Obama about the First Lady’s position on style and power.

Goldenpig was surprised to read in the New York Times that wearing make-up can make a woman appear more confident

Last but not least, I will own these iconic red Gucci loafers one day, and wear them with everything.