Before finding YLF I didn’t know that shoes possess magical powers. Sure, my heart would beat a little faster over all the eye candy in the shoe shops, but that didn’t stop me from making rather uninspired choices. I just never realized how big of an impact the right shoe can have. How a pair of two-toned oxfords creates a completely different mood than a wedge sandal with a cork heel. How the perfect ped simply transforms any outfit. Angie and the many shoe mavens on the forum finally helped me put two and two together. Today I’m still far from an expert, but experimenting is proving to be heaps of fun.

In this week’s book Phyllis Hoffman talks about the shoes she wore during various defining moments in her life. From the shoes she wore the first day of school to the ones she sported the day her twin sons were born, footwear fan Phyllis Hoffman remembers them all. In “Honey, It’s All in the Shoes: Celebrating the Footsteps of the Contemporary Woman” she reminisces about her favourite pairs and the small and big steps she took in them. Defining moments in her own life are mixed with stories of style icons and the shoes they loved to wear. The book also contains celebrity shoe quotations and black and white illustrations of footwear throughout the ages.

This inspired me to compile my own shortlist of shoes that matter:

  • White leather ballet flats — My first pair of “grown-up” shoes. They had an almond toe, a basket weave pattern and made me feel like Audrey Hepburn. I walked a little taller in those cuties and wore them until they literally fell apart.
  • Dr. Martens 20 eyelet boots — Purchased during my first year on YLF. The gunmetal silver was a limited edition and I’m heartbroken that they no longer fit. The punk rocker in me loves how they add a little edge and lots of attitude. Plus there’s nothing like a pair of sturdy soled Docs to stomp through the Belgian snow.
  • Fly London yellow wedge sandals — These have led to another YLF-inspired epiphany: I discovered that yellow footwear can act as a neutral. To my surprise these sandals work with practically every item in my closet, and catching a glimpse of my “bold” yellow shoes always makes me smile. 

Do you have any “big impact” shoes or a pair of peds that has special meaning for you?

Reminder: The Devil Wears Prada for May 25

Friday 25 May is kick-off day for our next Book Club title. We’ll be chatting about the movie version of The Devil Wears Prada, with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway in the leading roles.

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