In I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style, Amanda Brooks recommends writing down your personal style history as a way to get in touch with your style persona. A tool to hone in on your style preferences, and to start creating a look that is all your own:

“Even if you feel like you’ve had a pretty plain vanilla life or just a downright unstylish one; you still have a story: where you grew up; what your parents were like; how you became interested in clothes; what kind of budget you had and have now; what your aspirations are… and most important, how your style has evolved over the years.”

Taking the time to sit down and really think about my style goals, where I was coming from and where I want to go next has proven to be a very worthwhile exercise for me. So I thought it would be fun to share a few of our style memories today – it can be anything, from a defining moment you now think was a fashion turning point for you, to a work outfit you wore to pieces in your twenties.

I’ll go first. I was eleven when my friend Christine walked into our classroom sporting a pair of tomato red flats and emerald green trousers. The shoes were quite minimalist, they had a sleek pointy toe and no embellishments. How I coveted those shoes! The trousers were ankle bone length and tapered. Compared to what most of us had been wearing that year, it was a more grown-up silhouette. The epitome of sophistication for eleven year old me. Looking back, I believe this was the moment I really started paying attention to fashion and trends. It also confirms that I’ve always had a thing for flat footwear and simple, strong and clean lines, something I don’t see changing anytime soon.

Are there any past style moments that helped shape the current you or that might even affect how you want to start dressing in the future?

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There are no must-haves lists or dos and don’ts in Amanda Brooks’ I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style. Instead this style guide and lookbook offers practical tips to spark creativity and find your own unique sense of style. From exploring your style history and exposing yourself to all kinds of fashion, to dressing with an open mind and embracing the fact that style is not stagnant and making mistakes is okay. In six chapters full of photo inspiration the author analyzes six different styles — Classic, Bohemian, Minimal, High Fashion, Street and Eclectic, explaining along the way how to make each look your own. Then, in the Shopping section, you’ll learn what to snap up and what to leave at the store no matter if you’re shopping Basics, Cheap Chic, Designer or Vintage.

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