This type of shoe is a hybrid between sandals, peep-toe pumps and booties. Although they are referred to as “sandals”, some silhouettes look like peep-toe booties or shooties to my eye. Some styles are more cut away than others. 

I really like this open, yet covered style of shoe. Generally, I do not wear sandals because I find them uncomfortable, and too cold for a Seattle climate. But I would wear this type of sandal. I love the covered heels, sides and high vamps, which I find instantly more comfortable and cozy than less covered sandals.

The taupe Boutique 9 Baliar Open-Toe Oxford Pumps that I bought last year are my version of covered sandals, although they aren’t open on the sides. I have found them very versatile and wear them with tapered jeans, trousers, clamdiggers, skirts and dresses. (See this outfitthis outfit and this one). 

Keeping these sandals a low contrasting colour against your skin tone on bare legs minimizes the horizontal lines created by the high vamps. Keeping them a low contrasting colour against long tapered trousers elongates the line of the leg.

I highly recommend the styles below because they are quite well made and comfortable. Be sure to look at all the colour options. The Pentola Sandal by Everybody in grey is my top pick of the lot because my fussy feet were extra happy in those despite the higher heel. 

Would you wear a covered sandal style similar to ones shown here? Or are less covered, strappy sandals your preference?

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