As the name implies, “high-low” skirts are short in front and longer at the back. The variation in length between the front and back is either subtle or extreme. The overall length of the skirt varies too, ranging from mini to maxi. Some styles are dressy, while others are more relaxed. Some styles reveal your knees and as much as half of the thigh, while others expose nothing more than a little ankle and shin.  

I like these skirts! I still prefer the look of a knee covering full skirt with symmetrical hemline for my own style, but there are many pros for these high-low darlings.

  • They make a nice change to the multitudes of form fitting pencil skirts that have dominated shopfloors for countless seasons.
  • They are breezy deluxe. Throw on a relaxed version with an airy, somewhat fitted top, a pair of sandals, straw hat and canvas tote, and you are comfortably and stylishly set for a very hot day. 
  • They make a great bathing costume cover-up.
  • I am not a fan of casual maxi skirts, but the raised front that reveals the ankles and part of the lower leg on the longer styles makes all the difference to my eye. The effect is more like a midi with a dipped back, which I find infinitely more flattering than a casual maxi skirt with a symmetrical hemline. The raised front also makes it easier to stride, although you’ll have to be careful walking up and down stairs. 
  • They give off a playful and arty vibe.
  • They provide more back coverage than mini skirts despite the high hemline in front. That means you’ll sit on the excess fabric of the skirt when seated, which can be a practical solution for public transport and the like. 
  • With the right top, you could successfully sport the volume on volume trend.
  • They are quite striking in motion. 

You have the option of choosing a style that is knee-covering if you’re shy about showing your knees. Or, you can go short to show off your gams. 

Does the hi-low skirt tickle your fancy?