You are on Team Dark Wash Jeans if you prefer wearing dark blue and indigo blue washed denim. You are Team Faded Jeans if you prefer wearing jeans with fading. The fading needn’t be excessive and light. Any degree of fading definitely makes a pair of jeans more casual than their darker counterparts. 

If you asked me this question three years ago, I would have said Team Dark Wash without hesitation. A pair of dark wash zippered skinnies is still one of my favourites, but I tend to prefer faded jeans just a little more these days. I like the textural effect of fading and the lighter overall colour of the denim. I prefer the increased contrast when matched with black tops, and the lower contrast when matched with white tops. I guess I just need a break from dark blue denim. I am Team Faded Jeans. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Dark Wash or Team Faded Jeans? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.